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On this podcast, we will hear from amazing creative entrepreneurs. Join us as we explore their unique success stories, learn from experts, and hear about their journeys.

Steve Jobs famously said that “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” So ---- Let’s Get Crazy

I am your host Anne Zuckerman and this is the Just Wanted to Ask Podcast.

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Season 2

05-22-23 - Cora Naylor - Is it Possible to Release Trapped Emotions?

Have you ever thought about trapped emotions? Trapped emotions can build up over time despite a desire for emotional release. Join me as I speak with Cora Naylor, Emotion Code Practitioner, about the possibility of releasing those trapped emotions. Stay tuned!

05-15-23 - Anne Zuckerman - Where My Business Story Began

Like any other business owner, owning and starting a business is never easy. And every successful business owner has their own story to tell. In this episode, I will share where my business story began. Hopefully, my story can serve as an inspiration for those of you who are considering starting your own business -- demonstrating that, with perseverance, hard work, creativity, and imagination, anything is possible! Please Subscribe

05-08-23 - Pejman Shirzad - It's More than Just a Diamond

It’s Wedding Season. Join me as I interview Pejman Shirzad and listen as he speaks about diamonds. PHD Jewelers offers an amazing selection of diamonds, both natural as well as laboratory created. PHD Jewelers also takes pride in their service and custom design. Weddings, Engagements, Special Occasions -- special jewelry to last for generations.

05-01-23 - Ranchelle Van Bryce - Sacred Art of Business Coach

Many entrepreneurial women struggle to create ease and flow in their businesses and personal lives. Join me as I speak with Ranchelle Van Bryce about the Sacred Art of Business Coaching. You can create a deeper sense of purpose and meaning as well as ease and flow in business and life.

04-24-23 -
Jennifer Kostacos - Women's Health Care - Concierge Medicine

Alternative healthcare – Concierge Service. Fortunately, there are alternative healthcare models that offer solutions! Join me as I speak with Dr. Jennifer Kostacos about the advantages of concierge medicine for women's health care. Stay tuned!

04-17-23 - JR Spear - Be Prepared for the Ambush

Entrepreneurship is a challenging journey filled with obstacles and unpredictable situations. It is essential for entrepreneurs to prepare for an unforeseen ambush! Join me as I speak with JR Spear, of Creed Consulting and the Founder of BLN (Business Leaders Network) about how business owners can prepare for unexpected challenges. Entrepreneurs anticipating the ambush can increase their chance of success and thrive in a highly competitive market! Stay tuned! For full episode -

Season 1

04-10-23 - Wendi Bergin - Joyfully Prepared - Container Gardening and More

In this fast-paced world, moms have to juggle multiple responsibilities. But it is also crucial for moms to take the time to learn some basic skills that can benefit their families in the long run! Join me as I speak with Wendi Bergin about the beauty and practicality of container gardening. Yes, gardening is an excellent way for moms to provide fresh and healthy produce for their families while also enjoying the therapeutic benefits of working with nature! Stay tuned!

04-03-23 - Brent Stone - Importance of Generating Passive Income

Most people feel stuck in a never-ending cycle of working to earn money - constantly trading their life for money, with no end in sight. However, it is possible to break free from this cycle! Join me as I speek with Brent Stone about the importance of generating passive income. It is possible to create a significant source of passive income that can help you achieve financial freedom! Stay tuned!

03-27-23 - Tamsen Webster - Story, Structure, Goal, and the Red Thread

When crafting a compelling narrative, several key elements can make a story truly memorable. Join me as I speak with Tamsen Webster about story, structure, goal, and the red thread. Weaving these elements together can create a story that captures your audience's attention, communicates your message, and inspires action! Stay tuned!

03-20-23 - Maribeth Marburger - Getting Unstuck - Victim to Victor

Feeling stuck in life is a common experience for many people - going through the motions without any real sense of purpose or direction. However, breaking free from this cycle and creating positive change is possible! Join me as I speak with Maribeth Marburger about shifting your mindset from victim to victor. You can take steps to get unstuck and move towards a more fulfilling life! Stay

03-13-23 - Nicky Cuesta - Building a Leadership Mindset

Leadership is tough, and having the right mindset is vital to becoming a leader. So it is not surprising that leaders with a leadership mindset are valuable assets to any organization! Join me as I speak with Nicky Cuesta about building a leadership mindset. Developing this skill takes time and effort, but it’s worth it for your growth and those around you! Stay tuned!

03-06-23 - Sara Torpey - What If Selling Didn't Feel Icky, Sticky or Hard

Do you hate the word Selling? It's often the "sell" part of sales that puts you and another person off - which is why you might not like selling. So how can you sell in the right way and not hate your current role? Join me as I speak with Sara Torpey about selling without feeling icky, sticky, and hard. Though this job has a lot of challenges, selling is a great way to earn a living! Stay tuned!

02-27-2023 - Matthew Brackett -
Alignment of Personal and Leadership Growth

If you want to enhance your leadership capacity, building your personal growth is one of the essential strategies! Join me as I speak with Matthew Brackett about aligning your personal and leadership development. Leadership comes from within, and self-awareness can jumpstart the process! Stay tuned!

02-20-2023 - Richard Gearhart - Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and Entrepreneurs

Do you have a brilliant new concept that you’re sure will make you a fortune? If you do, don’t let it fall into copycats trying to make a buck off your idea! Join me as I speak with Richard Gearhart about protecting your business ideas legally. Registering your business idea can help ensure and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

02-13-2023 - Katrina Sawa - Jumpstart Your Biz Now

Starting a business can be overwhelming and complicated, especially if you've never done it. Luckily, many successful entrepreneurs are now sharing how their business is thriving! Join me as I speak with Katrina Sawa about ways to jumpstart your business. Entrepreneurship is a world full of unknowns, but if you aim for success, now is the time to find the courage to take the first step! Stay tuned! Full Episode -

02-06-2023 - Gayle Gruenberg - Get Organized

Being organized only comes naturally to some, but it's important to remember that organization can be learned and honed like any other soft skill! Join me as I speak with Gayle Gruenberg about how you can get organized. Whether or not keeping organized is one of your strengths, it's a habit everyone should get into! Check out ...

01-30-2023 - Kamie Lehmann - Have You Heard? She's Invincible

You need an attention-grabbing platform to make a social impact in today's world! And that's where podcasts can help you! Join Anne as she speaks with Kamie Lehmann about the benefits of podcasting. Podcasts are the perfect tool to raise awareness and create a genuine relationship with your audience!

01-23-2023 - Treena Chabot - Your Happiness Coach when You're Feeling Stuck

It's a universal human experience to feeling stuck! Then what should you do if this happens to you? How can we pursue happiness?  Join Anne as she speaks with Treena Chabot about pursuing happiness when you're stuck. There are plenty of ways to get out of your rut!

01-16-2023 - Ari Krzyzek - Brand Identity and Building a Business

Just like your personal identity that makes you unique, having a strong brand has become crucial for a business to set itself apart from its competitors!  Join Anne as she speaks with Ari Krzyzek about the importance of brand identity in building a business and websites that convert. Creating a great brand will take your business to the next level! Stay tuned!

01-09-2023 - Claire Russell - Mindful SAT and ACT Test Prep Tutoring

The challenges of SATs and ACTs. More than just knowledge, many students need help dealing with anxiety and mindfulness. Claire Russell, Founder of Russell Tutoring, spends time with her students, learning to understand their individual needs and challenges. Join Anne as she speaks with Claire Russell about how Russell Tutoring is a different type of tutoring service. Stay tuned!

01-02-2023 - Carol A. Williams - Unscattered Entrepreneurial Life

To ace the market, you probably already understand and know that time literally means money. But because there's so much to do, most entrepreneurs can quickly get off track! Join Anne as she speaks with Carol A. Williams on how to live an unscattered entrepreneurial life. Finding the right "recipe" to improve your productivity will help you become more successful in life! Stay tuned!

11-28 -2022 - Sara Torpey - Uncomplicating Business

Running a business is never easy, and most entrepreneurs often complicate the simple instead of simplifying the complex - making their life much harder! If you find yourself like this, too, what can you do about it? Join Anne as she speaks with Sara Torpey about uncomplicating your business. Sara also shares ways to stop complicating life and begin truly living! Stay tuned!

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Exceptional podcast with super interesting guests. Can’t wait to hear more!

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This podcast is full of those questions that you always wanted to ask!! Listen in to hear some great conversation about various topics!! Anne does a great job at asking thought provoking questions!! Must listen!! Can’t wait to hear more Anne! Congratulations!

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Just Wanted to Ask


Anne, thanks for developing this very exciting and much needed new resource especially for us women in business. It is so helpful to share our learning with others. It does take a village to succeed and know we are not in this alone!

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Fashion and beauty are serious business.

On this podcast, we will hear from amazing creative entrepreneurs. Join us as we explore their unique success stories, learn from experts, and hear about their journeys.

Steve Jobs famously said that “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

So ---- Let’s Get Crazy

I am your host Anne Zuckerman and this is the Just Wanted to Ask Podcast.